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Due to soaring demand for our custom porcelain pet urns, we're introducing an exclusive Order Reservation List from September 1st, 2023 through the remainder of the year. Each order placed during this period will be added to the reservation list, and we'll fulfill them in the order received. This approach ensures meticulous attention and maintains the distinctive craftsmanship you expect from Long Love Memorials. If you’re interested in placing an order, please contact us to be added to the Order Reservation List.


What makes a Long Love Memorials Urn special and unique?

When an item is created by an independent artist, it is imbued with the uniqueness of their handmade process. We take immense pride in the craftsmanship and quality of our work; the items you purchase are backed by an intense devotion to our craft. When you choose a Long Love Memorials urn, you’re investing in a finely-crafted memorial that was lovingly handmade by a real person - someone who understands what you’re going through. As animal lovers, we know the pain that comes from losing a beloved pet.

How do you make your urns?

The process for creating a ceramic object is as fascinating as it is lengthy! As a small studio, we make work in small batches, creating every single urn by hand from start to finish. Here’s a quick run-down of the steps involved in making an urn: we'll throw a porcelain jar on the potter’s wheel and allow it to dry overnight. Then we'll refine the shape, trim the jar, create and carefully fit the lid, and add details and attachments. The jar and lid will slowly dry out over 5 days before being fired in a kiln for 2 days. After that first firing, we'll sand and clean the object, glaze it, and stamp it with the Long Love Memorials logo before putting it into the kiln again for its final firing to 2200 degrees F. Once the final 2-day firing is complete, we'll carefully inspect the object for any defects, and then we'll sand the entire porcelain jar to make it smooth and lovely.

What is the difference between Porcelain and Ceramic?

Ceramic is the broad term that describes any article made of natural clay mixed with water, shaped, and hardened by heat. Different types of ceramic (or baked clay) include Earthenware, Stoneware, and Porcelain (to name a few). Porcelain is a specific type of ceramic. It is traditionally fired at high temperatures and is highly prized for its many exceptional qualities, particularly its whiteness and captivating translucency. It is also unique from other clay bodies because of its smooth and nonabsorbent surface even when unglazed, and has a fine texture that allows for intricate details. Porcelain is highly durable, and relatively rare in comparison to other types of ceramic.

What is the difference between an Accent Color and a Glaze?

At Long Love Memorials, Accent Colors refer to the tinted slip (or liquefied porcelain) that we paint onto a particular part of the jar. For instance, on the Peach Capsule Urn the accent color is represented on the top surface of the lid, and the coordinating stripe near the foot of the jar. Surfaces painted with accent colors are smooth and matte just like the bare exterior of the jar. Glaze is the glass-like material that coats the surface of a ceramic object, often helping to make the clay food/liquid-safe and to smooth rough textures. While many artists glaze an entire piece, I typically choose to glaze only the interiors of my jars, leaving the outside bare and unglazed. At Long Love Memorials, a glazed surface has a glossy or shiny appearance.

What Accent Colors and Glaze Colors do you offer?

To beautifully contrast our unglazed porcelain surfaces, we have formulated a palette of custom colored glazes and tinted slips. Our offerings consist of lovely pale pastels, shades of grey, and rich black tones. If you’d prefer a different color on your favorite item, we can usually accommodate such requests if we have your color in stock. However, if you’d like a custom color, please contact us to discuss the process and options for your custom-glazed order. To retain a cohesive aesthetic in our work, we choose not glaze the entire exterior of our items with colored glazes.


What size Pet Urn do I need?

Typically, 1lb of live weight = 1 cubic inch of volume. This is the general rule for both animals and humans. For instance, if your pet weighed 12lbs before death, you will need an urn with at least a 12 cubic inch capacity. It’s important to understand that the cremated remains will most likely come in a plastic bag with a metal closure. If you keep the remains in that bag, or place that bag into another decorative bag* (which most people do), this could take up additional space inside the urn. Some people also like to put special keepsakes inside the urn with the cremated remains. Furthermore, if you’d like to store the remains of more than one pet in the same vessel (either immediately or in the future), you’d want to pick a much larger urn. For these reasons, we encourage people to choose an urn that is at least 5 cubic inches larger than what they think they’ll need. If you have any questions about urn sizes, we're happy to help you choose the right one. If you need something larger than what is listed on this website, please contact us for a custom order. *Included with each Long Love Memorials urn is a lovely satin drawstring bag in which to place the plastic bag of remains.

What urn sizes do you offer? Can you make me a larger urn for a bigger pet or multiple pets? Do you make urns large enough for humans?

At this time, we have 3 different sizes of urns available on this website. Keepsake Urns: 6 cubic inches. Suitable for holding a small amount of pet/human remains, or full remains of kitten or puppy. Various color options available in the Echo, Kindred, Pearl, and Capsule designs. Darling Ivory: 17 cubic inches. Suitable for holding full remains of average adult cat or small dog. Capsule Urn: 21 cubic inches. Holds full remains of average adult cat or medium dog. Various color options available. All of my urns are suitable for holding the full or partial remains of a pet or loved one. For example, if your loved one was a cat lover, the Darling Ivory Urn would be a nice option for holding a small amount of their remains, while either scattering or sharing the rest. We will be making additional urn designs and sizes in the coming months, and will introduce them later this year. If you would like a larger urn than is listed here, please contact us to place a custom order.

Do you make urns for Dogs?

Currently, our primary option for dog owners is the Capsule Urn. Alternatively, you can order the Darling Ivory Urn without the cat figurine on top. If you need a larger dog urn option, either of those two designs can be made in a larger size to accommodate the remains. We are also working on some additional urn designs for dogs, which we will introduce later this year. If you would like a different urn for your dog than is listed here, please contact us to place a custom order.

Do you offer urns or memory boxes for infants?

We currently offer a variety of keepsake jars which are a suitable “memory box” size for holding a partial amount of cremated remains, or the full cremains of small animals or infants. If you would like something more personalized, we can design a custom container for your needs. Contact us with your inquiry.

Can you transfer my pet’s or loved one’s cremains into an urn that I purchase?

Having done this ourselves for family members, we can attest that transferring remains can be an incredibly emotional and difficult task. Unfortunately, we cannot personally offer this service to customers because our studio is not the appropriate sterile environment. However, rather than trying to muster the courage to do it yourself, simply contact your veterinarian or funeral home. They can easily and quickly conduct this transfer for you, oftentimes at no cost.

I already buried my pet, but I love your work. Can I use your urns in another way to memorialize my pet?

In addition to- or in the absence of- cremated remains, many people use our jars to stow precious keepsakes such as small photos, hand-written notes, tags, locks of fur, and whiskers. Some customers also simply enjoy having these jars as display items in their homes.

Can you recommend some resources for grieving pet owners?

A quick web search will lead you to a number of bereavement websites and articles. Here are a few that we have found helpful: PetLoss.net Coping With Pet Death Grieving The Loss of A Pet 10 Common Questions


When will I receive my order?

Every item in the Long Love Memorials studio is made the old fashioned way: individually thrown on the potter’s wheel, one-at-a-time, by hand. Most items are made to order, particularly customized urns. Our typical turnaround time for a custom item, or something that is out of stock, is 8-10 weeks. We try our best to accommodate special circumstances.

Can you include a gift message with my order?

We're happy to include a small card with your purchase at no additional charge. During checkout, please indicate that your order is a gift, and leave the message there, or send me a separate email.

I have changed my mind. Can I cancel my order?

We create most items to order, and begin production soon after an order is received. Therefore, custom orders can only be canceled for a full refund within 24 hours of purchase. Custom orders canceled more than 24 hours after purchase are non-refundable. If you need to cancel an order for an item that is in stock (a non-custom order), please notify us within 3 days of placing your order for a refund. Non-custom orders canceled after 3 days are subject to a 10% restocking fee.

My order arrived damaged. What should I do?

We take great care in packaging all items so they will arrive to you safely. Each urn is carefully bubble-wrapped and double-boxed to ensure safe travel through the mail. All items are inspected for quality before packaging & shipping. Upon receiving your item, please inspect your package for any possible shipping damage. In the event that your item was damaged in transit, please email us a photo within 24 hours of receiving your package. We will handle the insurance claim with the shipping service and happily make you a replacement item or issue you a store credit. Please keep original packaging materials for potential USPS claims inspection until otherwise notified. Please see the Store Policies page for additional shipping information.

I’m not satisfied with my purchase. What are my options

RETURNS+EXCHANGES: we accept returns -for non-custom items- for exchange or store credit within 5 days from receipt of goods. Due to the handmade, made-to-order nature of our work, we cannot offer refunds. All products must be unused (resalable) with all original tags & packaging to be eligible for return. Shipping charges are non-refundable and buyer is responsible for return shipping to our studio. All sales are final on custom-designed work and sale items. To start the process, please email us within 5 days of receiving your order to obtain a Return Authorization number. Merchandise returned without authorization will be refused and/or returned at customer expense. Items that arrive used, damaged, or without original packaging will void the RA, so please take care in repackaging, and use a trusted shipping carrier. Long Love Memorials is not liable for merchandise lost or broken in transit to us. You will receive a confirmation email when your return is successfully processed.

A NOTE ABOUT VARIATIONS VS. DEFECTS: All of our products are handcrafted. As such, there will be slight variations in color, texture, & finish. These are not considered defects; rather they’re characteristics of the natural handmade process that results from our particular techniques & materials. We hope you agree that these variations add to the uniqueness and beauty of your new piece. Each item is inspected for discernable flaws before leaving our studio. In the rare event that you received a defective item, please notify us with a description of the issue – we'll diagnose the problem and will ship a replacement (excluding custom orders) or issue store credit upon determination of a defect. Shipping for defective or damaged items is free.

Do you offer discounts for buying multiple pieces?

We cannot offer quantity discounts at this time. Due to the handmade nature of our process, our products do not become less expensive when made in higher volume (unlike most manufacturing methods). Furthermore, being a small studio, our profit margins are much slimmer than bigger companies who have their work produced in factories and/or overseas. We will, however, combine shipping costs when possible. If the cost of combined shipping is lower than quoted, we will issue a refund for the difference. For information about sales or specials, you can follow us on social media or sign up for our email newsletter.

How can I clean my new porcelain item?

Dirt and stains on smooth, unglazed surfaces can be cleaned with a soft scrub brush and some baking soda mixed with water. Textured, unglazed surfaces (such as the lid of the Darling Ivory Urn) should be gently cleaned with a soft sponge and soapy water, taking care not to scrub too hard. Metal marks from jewelry or silverware can be removed with a cleaning product called Bar Keepers Friend. Using harsh cleaning agents or abrasive tools on Long Love Memorials items is strongly discouraged, as it could damage the surface of the porcelain. I cannot be held responsible for damage that occurs from cleaning.

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